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Level 100 Gearing Guide

Xerberus posted Fri at 7:30

ATTN: iLVL fiends, this Level 100 Gear Guide infographic is made just for you.

To see the full sized guide going all the way to Mythic Blackrock Foundry, CLICK HERE
Deyanista Vury nice vury nice.
Jerbear Very awesome gear guide!

The Iron Horde is COMING!

Jerbear posted Mon at 17:25

In less then three weeks Warlords of Draenor is released!!! Dust off your leveling shoes and get ready to grind it up to 100!!!
Galebeard I can't decide which character I want to level first >.<
Xerberus My body is READY!
Fergy It's going to be a blast again!

The Warlords of Draenor Pre-Order is NOW available!  Click the link to purchase regular or deluxe today!

It was a fun night as Pendragon met for their very first Guild Town Hall meeting. On the agenda was the announcement of some exciting new changes in direction and guild structure. Hit the link below to take you to the new guild structure. Thanks again to all the members and the Council for your participation last night!  Please keep checking the web-site as we post all of the new stuff!

Drbear Neato! Sad I wasn't there for the meeting though, sounded informative
Shout Out
Doing a 24hr game marathon to raise money for kids in need! Halp! [link]
Garry is going down tonight!!!
Hey guys! How's everyone doing? Miss you guys
What can I say? I like straddling new mounts :-}
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