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It was a fun night as Pendragon met for their very first Guild Town Hall meeting. On the agenda was the announcement of some exciting new changes in direction and guild structure. Hit the link below to take you to the new guild structure. Thanks again to all the members and the Council for your participation last night!  Please keep checking the web-site as we post all of the new stuff!

Drbear Neato! Sad I wasn't there for the meeting though, sounded informative

Member Spotlight

Rthurian tag posted Jan 30, 14

Welcome to the Pendragon Member Spotlight! Each month Pendragon highlights one of our fantastic members to give you an inside glimpse into their world, thoughts, and perspectives. This month’s member spotlight is Thatpally!

Pendragon: How long have you been in Pendragon?

Thatpally: 3 year anniversary with the guild really soon. I can't remember the month but I know it was around or just before April 2011 when I joined. On that note, who's buying me the leather gift?

P: Why do you chose to call Pendragon your guild home?

T: Love the people and friends I've made. I've played since just before Burning Crusade hit and out of all the guilds I've been in Pendragon has the best group of people I've ran into.

Achievement Run!

Rthurian tag posted Jan 5, 14  -  AchievementEvent

Deyanista I'll be joining in.
Fergy Going to be great fun! Looking forward to getting this Feat of Strength.
Koheed Anyone who is interested in getting the awesome title and achievement, Herald of the Titans, please contact me in game w ...
Shout Out
Hey guys! How's everyone doing? Miss you guys
What can I say? I like straddling new mounts :-}
Admit it Xerberbus, you did it for the pretty new mount!
Oh sh!t. I done gone and pre-purchased WoD. There is no saving me.
Grats on one shot H Norushen lol...who knew he was such a baby...
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